Fox holds the ‘Fight’ to fall

Aug opening delayed due to crowded summer sked

Fox will fight another day — execs have decided to move the Brad Pitt-Edward Norton drama “Fight Club” from its present Aug. 6 opening to a fall berth.

Fox Motion Picture Domestic Group chairman Tom Sherak said the combination of a hurried post production and a crowded summer sked led to Wednesday’s decision to hold the film back, much as the studio did with “The Last of the Mohicans” in 1992.

The yarn, directed by David Fincher, centers on the world of illegal boxing and the resulting escalation of violence.

“Fight Club” would have been competing with Warner Bros.’ animated “The Iron Giant,” the period comedy “Dick” from Columbia, Miramax’s English-dubbed launch of “Life is Beautiful” and MGM’s “The Thomas Crown Affair” on Aug. 6.