Trying to protect its family-friendly image, The Walt Disney Co., on Friday, recalled 3.4 million copies of the restored video release of its 1977 animated feature “The Rescuers,” after the company discovered that the pic contains two frames depicting a nude woman.

Disney, which has completely pulled the video from its Disney Stores and other retailers, was notified of the “objectionable background image” by an internal source, after the video’s release on store shelves Tuesday.

The image in question — a photo of a nude woman taped to the background of a window — can be seen 38 minutes from the start of the tape, as the two lead mice in the film fall down the side of a building on the back of a bird, with all the building’s windows in the background zooming by.

The photo, however, can only be seen in two frames of the more than 110,000-frame movie.