BERLIN — Constantin Film has in place a five-year first-look theatrical and video distribution deal with Eureka, the European venture of the Kirch Group and Mediaset. The deal with Eureka was unveiled Monday by Constantin honcho Bernd Eichinger in a round of press briefings before the company hits the German stock exchange.

Only last week, Constantin announced it would theatrically release the first seven features in Germany and Austria from U.S. production company Spyglass Entertainment, which has an output deal in place with the Kirch Group and Mediaset for select European territories.

Making ‘Sense’

The first pic to fall under this deal is the current U.S. box office hit “Sixth Sense” starring Bruce Willis.

Since March, Eureka has struck up partnerships with Robert Redford and his production house Wildwood Entertainment with which it has several projects lined up. More recently, it signed with Hyde Park, taking distribution rights for continental Europe.

Although Kirch holds a 37% stake in Constantin, it was unclear if the company would automatically release product from the Kirch Group and Eureka.

Market plan

The deal is a boost for Constantin, which is set to hit the Neuer Markt in Frankfurt on Sept. 13.

Already out on a pre-float signing spree, Constantin said on Monday it has signed a first-look deal with German director Katja von Garnier’s U.S. production company, VM Butterfly.

It also announced the acquisition of a 51% stake in the Munich-based production company Engram Pictures. Run by director Rainer Matsutani and producer Juergen Hebstreit, Engram, which concentrates on the thriller and fantasy genres, has eight TV movies and one feature film in development.