Centropolis focuses on Cohen’s ‘Cast’

Deal inked for the low six figures

Centropolis Entertainment (“Independence Day,” “Godzilla”) has purchased the option to make a Victorian thriller, “Cast of Characters” from veteran scripter Larry Cohen.

Acquired with its own discretionary fund, “Cast” was sold for low six figures (insiders say $350,000) against mid to high six figures.

A spokeswoman for Centropolis confirmed the purchase, but was unable to furnish details about the script. No helmer is attached yet. Centropolis principals Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin were on location lensing “Patriot” and could not be reached for comment.

Cohen, a vet screenwriter who penned such cult pics as “Maniac Cop” and “Best Seller,” is in high gear. Another Cohen project, “Phone Booth” — about a man who answers a random call at a phone booth and inadvertently winds up the target of a sniper — is set up at Fox Filmed Entertainment. Brothers Albert and Alan Hughes (“Menace II Society”) are attached to helm.

Cohen was repped in the deal by Jon Levin and Jessica Tuchinsky at CAA.