Canton grows ‘Rose’ by Besson’s Seaside

Ephron novel to be adapted into WB pic

Luc Besson’s Seaside Prods. has teamed with Mark Canton to produce the screen adaptation of Amy Ephron’s upcoming novel, “The White Rose,” for Warner Bros.

Canton, who paid for the project out of his Warner-funded discretionary war chest, will produce with Besson and his Seaside producing partner, Aimee Peyronnet. Seaside is newly ensconced at 20th Century Fox.

Ephron will pen the adaptation, which is being eyed as a possible directorial outing for Besson.

Love, politics

“White Rose” is a period tale set in Cuba at the turn of the century. The Story follows a beautiful, independent female revolutionary who has been imprisoned in Havana by the Spanish.

Newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, who has made her story a cause celebre among his U.S. readers, dispatches his top reporter to interview the woman and help her escape to the Land of the Free, but not before the two independent spirits fall in love, impacting both their lives and political relations between their respective countries.

“White Rose” is Ephron’s follow-up to her 1998 period novel, “A Cup of Tea,” which she adapted for Jerry Bruckheimer Films. “White Rose” will be published by Ballantine later this year.

ICM’s Alicia Gordon and Patty Detroit brokered the deal on Ephron’s behalf.