Academy noms student pics

Kudofest held on June 13

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has chosen the 30 finalists for its 26th annual Student Academy Awards competition.

The next steps are for the films to be voted on by Academy members, for the students to be flown to Los Angeles for a week of events and then for the awards to be presented June 13 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Each winner will receive a trophy, with the gold medal winners in each of the four categories receiving $2,000, the silver medalists getting $1,500 and the bronze medalists $1,000.

The Directors Guild of America and American Society of Cinematographers’ student awards will be presented at the same time.

The finalists:


“Atomic Tabasco,” Jim Cox, New York University.

“Attic Secrets,” Heidi Bollock, Evergreen State College, Washington.

“Happy Are the Happy,” Sarah Jane Lapp and Jenny Perlin, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

“Leche,” Naomi Uman, California Institute of the Arts.

“The Piece,” Jordan Waid, New School, New York.

“The Saint Inside of You,” Margaret Jamieson, University of Iowa.

“Tree Shade,” Lisa Collins, Columbia University, New York.

“A Wealthy Woman,” James L. Willmarth, Northwest Film Center,Ore.


“Between the Lines,” Benjamin Maxfield, CalArts.

“The Brief Social Life of Charles Wickman,” Dan Lemmon and Matthew Paulson, Brigham Young University, Utah.

“Crazy Glue,” Tatia Rosenthal, New York University.

“Leashlessness,” Stefan Gruber, CalArts.

“A Letter From the Western Front,” Daniel M. Kanemoto, New York University.

“Shadow of a Drought,” Daniel Kutner and Brian Emerson, University of California, Santa Barbara.

“Strange Reality,” Jusuf Santoso, University of the Arts, Philadelphia.


“High Angle View,” Petter Peikli, University of Oklahoma.

“Man and Dog,” Randolph Benson, North Carolina School of the Arts.

“Portraits,” Ivan Oylo and Jesse Baldwin, University of California, Santa Barbara.


“Araby,” Dennis J. Courteney, Regent University, Virginia.

“Changing Directions,” Maria Essen, Columbia University.

“John,” Marni Banack and JB Sugar, American Film Institute, Los Angeles.

“Fishbelly White,” Michael Burke, New York University.

“Slow Dancin’ Down the Aisles of the QuickCheck,” Thomas Wade Jackson, Florida State University.

“Splinter,” Lisa Plettinck, Chapman University.

“True Confessions of a Sushi Addict,” Kimberly Harwood, New York University.