The William Morris Agency said Wednesday it has pacted with online video services provider SoftCom Inc. to develop video-based programming for the agency’s clients on the Internet.

Through the unusual deal, William Morris will not exclusively represent New York-based SoftCom as an agency but will pair the tech company with its TV and film artists and producers.

“By combining WMA’s access to creative talent with SoftCom’s innovative leadership in interactive video products, we’re going to offer film, TV, music and other video producers dramatic new ways to bring their products to life for consumers,” said Mark S. Lieberman, chairman of SoftCom.

Together with its new-media advisory group, William Morris and SoftCom will work together to create new forms of Net-based content online, including onscreen information on characters, actors and plotlines as viewers watch programming. E-commerce features, including options to purchase clothing worn by characters, are also planned.

For example, when watching a musicvid, viewers will be able to purchase concert tickets for the artist, merchandise and Cds. Sports fans will be able to access sports scores, player stats and buy equipment when viewing an event.

Using Java, SoftCom’s programming will be adaptable to everything from PCs to TV set-top boxes and portable devices.

The first joint project could launch late this year or early next year, Douglas Warshaw, senior veep of content programming for SoftCom told Daily Variety.