Webheads open ‘Peepers’ wide for Sandler’s short

'Stan and Judy's Kid' CD promo'd by online screening

“The Sixth Sense” wasn’t the only pic people watched over the Labor Day weekend.

More than 1 million Internet users flocked to Adam Sandler’s six-minute animated short “The Peeper,” which bowed Friday on several Warner Bros.-owned Web sites.

The animated short — created to push Sandler’s newest CD — is available only on the Internet, and its numbers make it one of the most watched video clips on the ‘Net during its opening weekend.

Online showcase

” ‘Peeper’ could serve as a model for the future of mainstream programming in the online world,” said Jim Moloshok, prexy of Warner Bros. Online. “These numbers prove that there is an eager audience hungry for entertainment on the Web.”

The short was created by animator Tom Winkler (“The Simpsons” and “The Critic”), who oversees the popular animation site doodie.com.

Disk bow

“Peeper” is based on a skit from Sandler’s CD “Stan and Judy’s Kid,” which Warner Bros. Records is releasing Sept. 21.

The clip is available on AcmeCity.com, warnerbros.com, wbr.com, acmecity.com/adamsandler and adamsandler.com.

Separately, viewers of the short were pointed to Acme City, Warner Bros.’ free fan site-building service. Over the weekend, more than 3,000 new Web sites were created, many regarding Sandler himself.