TW to rev up ‘net access

Join venture to wire NYC

Time Warner Cable of New York City plans to provide high-speed Internet access to its 1.1 million subscribers by the summer of 2001.

Using Road Runner, a joint venture among Time Warner and four other companies, TW Cable of NYC said it has already begun wiring homes in southern Manhattan and Jackson Heights in Queens.

The plan, said Barry Rosenblum, president of TW Cable of NYC, is to wire an average of 100 homes per week. The retail price will be $39.95 a month, although homes that subscribe to TW’s basic and standard cable package will get a $20 discount.

TW of NYC’s service staff will run a wire into the home, splitting it so that one part is attached to the TV set and the other to the cable modem.

Rosenblum said the hookup will eliminate the need for a second phone line.

TW Cable of NYC will complete its $400 million fiber-optic-system upgrade by the end of 2000.