TV Guide clicks on AOL

Companies to share advertising revenues

NEW YORK — TV Guide has signed a deal that will spread its listings and features across five America Online platforms reaching 20 million AOL subscribers.

The five platforms are AOL, CompuServe, AOL.com, Netscape Netcenter and, for local content, AOL Digital City. No money changes hands in the deal, but TV Guide and AOL will share in the revenues from advertisers who buy space on the platforms.

TV Guide’s national and local programming listings will be the main content. But the magazine’s online division will also contribute exclusive daily interviews with TV personalities in live chat rooms.

Eight AOL channels will give TV Guide’s content “prominent placement”: Entertainment, Families, Teens, Kids Only, AOL Live, News, Personal Finance and Sports. TV Guide will tailor its listings to each of these channels.

TV Guide and AOL plan to work together to lure interactive advertising and E-commerce to the various platforms and channels. In their joint announcement, Joe Kiener, chairman and CEO of TV Guide Inc., and Bob Pittman, president and chief operating officer of AOL, stressed the potentially powerful linkage of two well-known brands.