‘Net radiocasting streams to 2,615

Stations streaming audio is fastest-growing Webcasting segment, Bundy sez

The number of radio stations broadcasting on the Internet 24 hours a day increased to 2,615 in August, up from 1,652 stations a year ago, e-radio and commerce outlet BRS Media reported Tuesday.

According to the San Francisco-based company, which operates Web-Radio, a directory of radio stations broadcasting on the ‘Net, the total figure of Webcasters includes 1,296 radio stations in the United States and Canada, 1,071 other stations internationally, 196 Internet-only broadcasters and 52 radio networks.

One out of four radio stations with a site on the ‘Net are Webcasting live on-line, the report said.

“The fastest-growing segment of Webcasting continues to be radio and radio stations streaming audio on the Net,” said George T. Bundy, prexy of BRS Media. “In a span of … 36 months, the number of radio Webcasters has leaped from 56 to over 2,600.”

A recent report by research firm Media Metrix noted a 400% surge among home users of digital music in the past year, totaling nearly 4 million, up from just a few hundred thousand a year ago.