LONDON — Carsey-Werner, Harvey Entertainment, Chrysalis and E! Entertainment will be among the first companies to promote their wares via itstv.com, a new Internet venture servicing the TV distribution market worldwide.

Set to launch Jan. 5, itstv.com is bankrolled by chairman Allan McKeown, best known as the producer of his wife Tracey Ullman’s “Tracey Takes On … .”

The venture, into which McKeown has invested around $500,000 in start-up costs, expects to carry product listings for around 50 leading program sellers at launch.

Companies can either take advantage of a basic free listing service or pay for a deluxe version. The Web site will also include a newsletter with information about ratings, deals, programs and trends specifically tailored to the interests of buyers and sellers.

As well as offering a promotional service to other TV distribution companies, itstv.com will represent its own catalog of product, which buyers can purchase directly via the Internet. This will include some rerun programming, but also libraries of stock footage.