Gathering to create e-‘Witch’

Game to 'further the quest for real horror'

“The Blair Witch Project” will soon be anyone’s game, with electronic publisher Gathering of Developers snatching up the pic’s worldwide videogame and computer rights.

The Texas-based Gathering will create multiple PC programs and at least one console system based on “Blair Witch.” The games will start rolling out next summer.

“Haxan (‘Blair Witch’s’ production company) is thrilled to be working with Gathering of Developers to create the next level of the ‘Blair Witch’ world,” said the pic’s producer Rob Cowie. “We were looking for a creative partner who could not only make incredible games, but take the story beyond a linear environment in order to further the quest for real horror.”

Gathering CEO Mike Wilson added, “We are committed to keeping artistic control in the hands of the developer and publishing only quality work … and we will deliver superb games based on this amazing license.”

The company also holds vidgame licenses to KISS Psycho Circus and Heavy Metal.