Screenwriter-actress Carrie Fisher has signed on with Digital Entertainment Network to pen two columns, including one that offers advice on everything from sex and drugs to where to get a car fixed for the Netcaster’s 14- to 24-year-old target audience.

Fisher, who describes herself as “very obsessed” about the Internet, will bow the two weekly columns in mid-December, which DEN is expected to promote heavily on the site.

“Postcards from the ‘Net” will include Fisher’s recommendations for Web sites and include streams of digital video and audio files she’s collected since plugging into the Web.

Fisher will give advice on “DENMother,” answering questions e-mailed to her by DEN visitors.

While DEN has been trying to lure top Hollywood talent to create content on its Web site, Fisher’s involvement is unusual considering DEN’s audience knows little about her other than that she starred as Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” trilogy.

“When they see my name, they might not know who I am. Great,” Fisher told Daily Variety. “But I’m not qualified to give advice, nor am I Princess Leia or the daughter of Queen Amidala. I’d be surprised if people ask me anything. They’re probably not going to listen to me, anyway. It’s all sorta we’ll see. I’m on the computer for hours. I’m an avid communicator. I take writing seriously. Since I’m doing it anyway, I thought I’d broaden my audience. This is very interactive, and that’s what I like about the Internet.

“Even though I’m not in the same age group that DEN targets, I pride myself on being incredibly immature, having only recently just recovered from drug addiction. I have all the same problems teenagers do with skin, parents, career, dating — or not dating, as the case may be.”

DEN said it is trying to lure other top talent to the site to create content or help produce shows. DEN currently broadcasts 10 shows, as diverse as extreme sports and a Christian teen sudser.

“Fisher is one of those rare personalities whose life and career transcends popular culture,” said David Neuman, prexy of Santa Monica-based DEN. “She’s funny, intelligent and someone we’re excited to have on board. We’re all about finding people who are phenomenally talented.”

Fisher is at work on a script with writing partner Elaine Pope and is also penning her fourth book for Simon & Schuster, following the success of her bestseller “Postcards From the Edge” and subsequent novels “Surrender the Pink” and “Delusions of Grandma.”

She also makes a cameo appearance in “Scream 3,” another project expected to reach mass teen audiences.

Michael Gendler from Gendler and Kelly repped Fisher in the deal.