An NC-17 rated episode of “The Simpsons” sounds ridiculous, but may get the greenlight on the ‘Net — thanks to Film Roman’s Saturday launch of online animated network Level13.net.

Film Roman, producer of “The Simpsons” and “King of the Hill,” has rolled out 13 Internet channels, with one dedicated to streaming original adult toon humor. That site is restricted to over-18 auds and costs $7 a month.

Free ‘Net channels include “Featured Artist,” a live-action chat site featuring interviews with industry animators; “Level 13 Shorts,” home to preems of animated shorts; “In the Dirty World,” a toon-hosted celeb gossip site; and “Make Your Own,” an interactive spot.

“While many of today’s entertainment and Internet leaders are still testing enhanced television programming strategies, we at Film Roman have launched a wide array of compelling animation content produced or acquired specifically for Internet distribution,” said chief operating officer William Shpall.

All Level13 channels will run programming 24 hours a day in about two weeks.

The indie toon house has unveiled several projects of late in addition to its Level13 venture, despite the abrupt departure of CEO David B. Pritchard just last month. Film Roman’s upcoming animated series include “The Oblongs,” in production for the WB, and “Doomsday,” now in pre-production for UPN. The studio is also developing two live-action TV shows and the feature film “My First Mister” starring Leelee Sobieski.