Cashing in on obvious product tie-in opportunities, special event e-tailer Ticketmaster Online-City Search has launched a one-stop shop for music and sports goodies.

Side-stepping deals with established online music sellers such as Amazon.com and CDNow.com, the Ticketmaster Store will strike out on its own in offering CDs, videos, DVDs, clothing and entertainment memorabilia.

Flexibility a plus

“Partnering with another retailer doesn’t give us the flexibility to merchandise inside the Ticketmaster site,” explained company VP Tim Sullivan. “We want to have (the store) connected with what Ticketmaster already offers.”

But the e-commerce Web site will also sell items unrelated to its featured concerts and sports events. “We’ll be offering over 150,000 entertainment items, just like any other e-tailer offers,” Sullivan said.

Allied with distrib

Ticketmaster has recruited online distributor Alliance Entertainment to physically distribute the CDs, videos and memorabilia to consumers. Alliance, the distributor for Barnes and Noble and Wherehouse Music’s respective sites, will also provide artist bio and album review content to Ticketmaster.

Expanding its online services “is no doubt about an incremental revenue opportunity,” Sullivan admitted. “But the (Ticketmaster Store) is much more about broadening the experience for people.”