BERLIN — Gottfried Zmeck, managing director of the Kirch Group’s digital platform DF-1, will ankle his post and launch a Kirch-affiliated company.

Zmeck’s new shingle, Gold TV GmbH, in which Kirch will hold a 50% stake, will produce programming for the Kirch Group’s digital channels Filmpalast and Heimat. The new company will also develop a music channel.

Kirch additionally named Markus Tellenbach, who is managing director of Kirch PayTV, to head the management team of pay web Premiere, while the channel’s existing managing director, Ferdinand Kayser, will be flanked by Stephan Sager, formerly head of film acquisitions at Premiere, as co-managing director. Kayser and Sager will both report to Tellenbach.

Premiere management team member Michael Boernicke has been appointed to head financing and personnel for the pay TV Group.

The company is preparing to relaunch the German pay TV and digital market this fall. It acquired the majority stake in pay TV web Premiere in March, putting it in full control of the German feevee market, running both DF-1 and Premiere.