Colin Nutley’s tale of love set in the 1950s, “Under the Sun,” is Sweden’s bid for the Oscar nomination for best foreign pic this year.

The film, starring Rolf Laffgard and Helena Bergstrom, was produced by Svensk Filmindustri and won the jury prize at San Sebastian this year. It has racked up more than 700,000 visitors in Sweden since it premiered in December of 1998.

English director Nutley has traveled between Sweden and England for some 15 years and has become renowned in Sweden for his ability to portray Swedish society.


Eritmo.com is the first Latin music Web site to enter into an antipiracy agreement with regional recording industry association FLAPF.

Music piracy is rampant throughout Latin America, and cuts significantly into sales of legitimate product.

Under the agreement, Ertimo will dedicate a page on its site to antipiracy postings to be developed in coordination with FLAPF.

Eritmo.com is a Miami-based music site that launched in September.

Nonprofit FLAPF has roughly 130 members in 17 Latin American countries and is affiliated with the London-based Intl. Federation of the Phonographic Industry.


Director Masato Harada’s latest film “Jubaku” (Spellbound) is being shown with English subtitles at a Tokyo cinema between Oct. 27 and Nov. 12. That’s because its premiere premiere, which was shown in a bilingual version, drew unexpectedly strong reaction from the English-speaking population in Tokyo.

The film was shown with English subtitles (by Kadokawa) in a unique preview to Western businessmen at the Tokyo American Club recently. The bilingual version is featured in the last screening each day at Tokyo’s Champs Elysee Cinema.

The film will also be screened during the Tokyo Intl. Film Festival on Thursday.

“Jubaku,” originally a Sankei newspaper story written by Ryo Takasugi, describes scandals involving in the collapse of the Japanese banking system.


Locally backed Entertainment Television Channel, a 24-hour music television service, has launched on the global beam of satellite ThaiCom 3. It is targeting viewers of the Indian diaspora in 77 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Middle East and Africa. The channel is available in 14 million Indian homes.