TW will take Boggs global

Exec to break down trade barriers

WASHINGTON — Time Warner has upped Timothy Boggs to be the company’s global public policy czar, from where he will lead the effort to break down trade barriers and buttress international agreements on intellectual property.

“With nearly 20 years of Time Warner experience, Tim has a deep knowledge of the global public policy issues affecting Time Warner as well as the respect of his colleagues across the company and in government,” said Time Warner chairman and CEO Gerald Levin in a joint statement with Time Warner prexy Richard Parsons.

“This reflects an acknowledgment that these global markets are absolutely essential to the growth of the company,” said Boggs, who now has the title senior vice president for global public policy. He will continue to be based in Washington.

Among the issues on Boggs’ radar screen will be smoothing the way for electronic commerce while pushing for stronger copyright protections for Time Warner’s intellectual property. He also will be engaged in an ongoing debate over privacy protection on the Internet.

A company press release noted that on international issues, Boggs will be working closely with Ivan Hodac, who works out of Time Warner’s Brussels office.