Sundance web ups Manne

Exec to o'see programming, marketing

NEW YORK — Liz Manne has been promoted to executive VP of programming and marketing for the Sundance Channel.

Manne will be responsible for Sundance’s programming and marking strategy, overseeing film acquisitions, original programming, program planning, brand strategy, advertising, publicity, promotions and creative services.

One of Manne’s new mandates is to develop an original news and information series, which the web hopes to premiere in mid-2000. Manne declined to reveal what kinds of programs are in development.

Manne said another of the Sundance Channel’s initiatives is to link the channel more closely to Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Institute.

Sundance is a owned by Redford, Showtime Networks Inc. and Universal Studios.

Before joining Sundance Channel in January 1998 as senior VP of programming and creative marketing, Manne was exec VP at Fine Line Features.

“Coming from the world of theatrical films, there is a lot more flexibility in TV,” Manne said. “We have the opportunity to take chances that the theatrical business doesn’t allow. On TV, there is a home for shorts, documentaries, experimental work and also great, accessible movies that don’t happen to have Bruce Willis in them.”