Four Native-American production companies have pacted to form the Native Films Network, a rallying effort to land more TV and film roles.

The companies, Los Angeles-based Spirit World Prods., Larry Sellers’ (“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”) Bearskin Prods., Colorado-based Ravenwolf Films and Horse Prods., will all continue to work independently.

“Native Films Network is basically a means for mutual support,” said Spirit World Prods. prexy Joanelle Romero. “But if we can be heard better as a group, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Although Spirit World is fine-tuning its docu, “American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still be American,” for a November screening at the Screen Actors Guild, Romero sees the Native-American community largely ignored by Hollywood.

“It’s our third year pitching to networks and studios, and they aren’t getting it,” Romero said. “Where’s our image on primetime? We need more American Indians on screen that are shown as contemporary human beings.”

All four Native Film Network companies have finished scripts. Sellers’ Bearskin is currently negotiating financing for three films and Ravenwolf has locked up 25% of its financing for “Gemini Effect,” about a young Native American’s discovery that he has been part of a genetic research experiment.