The Washington Post, NBC News and Newsweek announced plans Wednesday to form a strategic alliance that would include sharing news material.

A major component of the relationship will be the launch of Newsweek.MSNBC.com, scheduled for early 2000. Effective immediately, MSNBC.com will carry editorial content from Newsweek.com and Newsweek magazine.

MSNBC.com will also have access to content from the Washington Post and washingtonpost.com. In return, washingtonpost.com and Newsweek.com will have access to NBC News multimedia content, covering broadcast, cable and the Internet.

The organizations declined to comment on any financial terms of the agreement, but said that they will share in profits generated from advertising.

As part of the arrangement, journalists from the Washington Post and Newsweek will appear on NBC News and MSNBC Cable. Nothing in the deal prevents journalists at either the Post or Newsweek from appearing on other media outlets.

Individual relationships that editorial talent already has in place will be unaffected.