Mediaset’s Gori to top web

Berlusconi tapped head of programming

MILAN — Mediaset veteran Giorgio Gori, 39, has been appointed managing director of the company’s flagship web Canale 5. He is leaving his post as head of programming for all three Mediaset channels — a crucial role he took upon himself earlier this year after many primetime shows flopped.

Silvio Berlusconi’s son Piersilvio will be appointed head of programming.

The top position at Canale 5 has been vacant since August, when Maurizio Costanzo was upped to president of Mediatrade after his disappointing performance as managing director of Canale 5.

Mediatrade is the umbrella structure launched last year to unify all Mediaset TV acquisitions, sales and production activities. Its budget is about 1 trillion lire ($560 million) per year.

Gori is considered one of the most talented and innovative executives in Italian TV.

“Giorgio Gori is a very young veteran who shows that we are able to create professional talents that can take upon themselves different leading roles,” Mediaset CEO Maurizio Carlotti said.