NEW YORK — Universal Pictures senior vice president Leonard Kornberg — the supervising exec on the studio’s “The Mummy,” the Imagine comedy “Life” and the critically acclaimed “October Sky” — has been reupped for three years, U president of production Stacey Snider confirmed.

Kornberg helped liberate “The Mummy” from development hell, where it resided for nearly a decade. With Alphaville producers Jim Jacks and Sean Daniel, he helped transform it from a straight horror story into the Stephen Sommers-directed adventure that grossed $80 million in 10 days. With a gross that could reach $150 million, “The Mummy” has the studio not only working on a sequel, but also trying to breathe new life into such ancient U fright franchises as “The Creature From the Black Lagoon.”

“Lenny has shown outstanding leadership during his tenure at Universal,” Snider said. “In addition to ‘The Mummy,’ he has made significant contributions to our production efforts, and I’m looking forward to his playing an even bigger role in the future.”