Int’l multichannel ad revs up 23%

Growth robust despite weak Asian and Latin American economies

NEW YORK — Multichannel Advertising Bureau Intl. said ad revs reported by its member networks for Asia, Europe and Latin America soared 23% last year to $692.8 million.

The numbers, based on the latest annual survey by MAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers, encompass up to 90% of the ad revenues generated in the relevant regions by all multichannel television, which is generally packaged for a subscription fee and distributed either by cable or satellite.

In terms of subscribers, MAB managing director Connie Pettit said Thursday that member networks reach about 65% of all multichannel subscribers in the designated areas.

The growth in ad revenues was especially robust in light of weak economies in much of Asia and Latin America.

“It’s more evidence of the increasing confidence that international advertisers and agencies are now placing in multichannel TV to reach upscale audiences underserved by conventional broadcast television,” Pettit explained.

Contributions by continent to the 1998 total were: Asia, up 25% to $328.5 million; Europe, up 17% to $267.4 million; and Latin America, up 37% to $96.8 million.

When asked about the ad gains even in areas of economic adversity, Pettit said advertisers were increasingly appreciative of multichannel TV “as the most cost-effective way to reach upper-end income households.”