Pax TV execs quashed rumors that the network plans to move its headquarters from Florida to Los Angeles.

Company CEO and prexy Jeff Sagansky confirmed that the network’s on-air promotion and sales promotions departments will move to Los Angeles by early 2000. All told, about a dozen employees, including exec VP Steve Sohmer, will make the transition from Pax’s West Palm Beach, Fla., headquarters.

But contrary to some published reports, Sagansky said the network has no plans to move its home base to Los Angeles.

Sagansky said too much of Pax’s infrastructure, including its engineering team, are based in West Palm Beach to relocate. NBC recently purchased a 32% stake in Pax TV parent Paxson Communications, which may have helped spark the rumors.

Sagansky said Pax decided to move its promotion teams out West because recruiting creative execs to Florida had been virtually impossible. Much of the network’s programming development team, including senior VP Tim Johnson, is already based in L.A.

But other execs, including president of programming Bill Scott, are still based in West Palm Beach. Sagansky resides in Los Angeles and New York, but makes weekly treks to Florida.

Talk that Pax might abandon Florida for Hollywood was also fueled when Paxson Communications chief Lowell “Bud” Paxson recently acquired a home in Bel Air.