LONDON — IAC Film has beefed up its executive roster, lined up a major financing deal and added several projects to its slate.

The London-based sales company, headed by Guy Collins, has tapped veteran banker John Evangelides as joint managing director.

Evangelides was formerly managing director of corporate finance at HSBC Investment Bank, where he brokered the $9 billion deal that rescued News Corp. from the brink of collapse in 1990.

Keith Cousins of law firm Theodore Goddard also is joining the IAC board, with specific responsibility for business affairs. He will divide his time between IAC and the law firm.

Michael Ryan, formerly with J&M Entertainment, has become a consultant to IAC and will seek to generate new projects and improve the company’s access to talent.

Meanwhile, IAC has completed an $80 million insurance financing deal with ICE Media and CE Heath, which will provide up to $10 million a project. “Nora,” an Ewan McGregor pic currently in post, was the first to use this venture.

Mifed bound

Several new projects have been added to IAC’s slate in time for Mifed:

  • “Shiner” stars Michael Caine, Anna Friel and Miranda Richardson in a $10 million contempo drama that transplants “King Lear” into the underground world of unlicensed boxing. John Irvin will direct. This is the first film to be fully financed through a U.K. tax partnership managed by accountants Ernst & Young.

  • “Blood Relative” will star Friel and Jonathan Firth in a $5 million supernatural chiller from hot Scottish production outfit Gabriel Films. Director is rookie David Cairns.

  • “Breathtaking,” which will start shooting Monday, is a $6 million psychological thriller starring Joanne Whalley and Lorraine Pilkington, co-financed by British Sky Broadcasting.

  • “The Rake’s Progress,” directed by Robert Bierman, is based on the famous 18th century story by Hogarth about a young man’s journey through high society. Jonathan Rhys-Myers is signed to topline this $9.5 million project, which has been in the works for years but is now set to start shooting Oct. 25.

  • “Dead by Monday” is a $3 million romantic comedy directed by Curt Truninger and starring Helen Baxendal.

IAC is selling several other projects that have already been announced. These include the $35 million biopic “Ataturk,” to be directed next year by Bruce Beresford; “Best,” the biopic of soccer star George Best, which will premiere at the pre-Mifed screenings; and “Secret Society,” a quirky comedy about female sumo wrestlers.