General Cinema Theatres and Talk magazine have partnered to attach advertising to the bottom of General Cinema movie tickets for the first time.

The debut promotional blitz — rolled out in the chain’s top locations during the Labor Day weekend and expected to run through October — were tacked-on coupons for free samples of new Tommy Hilfiger fragrance Freedom.

By offering Hilfiger the beefed-up tickets as a bonus placement venue, Talk was better able to snag Hilfiger as a major advertiser. “In addition to advertising prominently in the magazine, the Tommy Hilfiger Freedom fragrances are also getting huge additional exposure in theaters across the country,” said Talk associate publisher Jim Winters. “And given our relationship with Miramax, the tie-in is a natural.”

Miramax and Hearst Corp. jointly own Talk magazine.

General Cinema is convinced its Talk partnership will be fruitful because “it provides advertisers with a way to make a direct impact on that hard-to-reach audience of teens and single young adults,” according to General Cinema VP of marketing Page Thompson.

Synergy setup

The chain is in talks for its next product tie-in, possibly to hype an upcoming studio release. “A number of companies have expressed interest in using this as a way to advertise,” said General Cinema spokesman Brian Callaghan. “And I’m not aware of anyone doing advertising like this.”