DeAngelis bows prod’n arm

Group to spend $100 mil a year

Italian producer Guido DeAngelis has formed the DeAngelis Group — with annual funding in excess of $100 million — to produce and distribute English-language TV shows and lower-budgeted theatrical films for both the U.S. and abroad.

The DeAngelis Group wholly owns Rome-based Together Prod. Intl., which has an exclusive joint venture agreement with Global Entertainment Prods., an Amsterdam-based company.

In collaboration with its German co-production partner, Victory Media Group, the DeAngelis Group has secured more than $100 million in funding for films and TV shows scheduled to start production next year. The group plans to explore the possibility of involving American partners.

The DeAngelis Group, in production partnership with VMG, is now in post-production on a four-hour miniseries, “Shaka Zulu: The Citadel,” filmed in Morocco and toplining David Hasselhoff. (New York-based Kaleidoscope Media Group will handle U.S. distribution for the mini.)

The DeAngelis brothers produced three feature films in America: “Dance Academy,” a musical they sold to MGM; “Dance to the Wind,” which went to Trimark; and “Dance Academy II.”

DeAngelis will be reviewing scripts submitted by potential U.S. partners, with an eye on material suitable for both the American and European markets.