Cushey comes to Harvey

Chance to achieve Co.'s potential, Cushey sez

Harvey Entertainment has tapped former Live Entertainment financial topper Ron Cushey as exec VP and chief financial officer.

The move formally reteams Cushey with former Live CEO Roger Burlage, who recently led a buyout of Harvey and now serves as chairman and CEO.

Cushey worked closely with Burlage in masterminding last month’s $17 million takeover of the company, whose best-known assets include the Richie Rich and Casper franchises.

The bid backed by Kushner-Locke, investment banker Michael Burns and clothing entrepreneur Paul Guez among others.

“Harvey is an excellent brand name to utilize as a platform,” Cushey said. “It’s also a great opportunity for me as part of this management team to help Harvey achieve its potential as a significant independent entertainment company.”

A 20-year entertainment finance veteran, Cushey served for three years as Live exec VP and chief financial officer, starting in 1995. While there, he was part of the team that helped the company emerge from a 1993 bankruptcy and return to profitability.

“In the past, Ron has been an invaluable asset to me in his capacity as a financial strategic planner and manager,” Burlage said. “His contribution to the growth of Live into a healthy, vibrant company was appreciated by myself as well as all the stockholders of that company. His abilities will enable us to jump on the fast track in turning Harvey into a profitable company.”

Before joining Live, Cushey was an executive consultant for Pioneer North America, where he oversaw the Japanese electronics giant’s U.S. entertainment investments, including Carolco Pictures and Live.

Before that, he served as exec VP and chief financial officer of Nelson Holdings Intl. and Nelson Entertainment Group.