Craig wins SAG seat

Controversial election finally resolved

A contentious election of Screen Actors Guild board members in New York — a saga that began last November — has finally been resolved.

Guild officials on Friday released results of a runoff between Kelly Craig and incumbent Jordan Derwin, with Craig declared the winner. She will be one of 25 New York-based guild members on SAG’s national board of directors, and assumes her seat on Wednesday during the Eastern guild’s spring membership meeting at the New York Hilton.

A total of 5,998 ballots were returned, with Craig receiving 3,518 and Derwin 2,432. The New York guild has about 24,000 members eligible to vote in internal elections.

Although removed from the national board, Derwin continues to serve on several guild panels, including the Legislative Committee, which he chairs, and the Young Performers’ Committee.

The Nov. 6 election was followed by two lawsuits, both filed by Craig, and a complaint to the Dept. of Labor from several members, including Craig, that alleged illegal campaign practices and mishandling of ballots. The DOL dismissed the complaint.

Of Craig’s two suits, one asked U.S. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan to order the guild to move ahead with a runoff without waiting for a DOL ruling, and the other sought to bar Derwin from retaining his post until the runoff was held. She won the former and lost the latter.

Once on the national board, Craig will sit alongside several prominent New York-based members, including Tandy Cronyn, Larry Keith, Maureen Donnelly, Gerald Kline, Jim Murtagh, Cliff Robertson and Sam Waterston.