ABC TV taps Moseley as chief marketeer

Ex-Discovery exec tapped as part of restructuring

NEW YORK — The ABC TV network has tapped Discovery Communications marketing guru Chris Moseley exec VP of marketing (Daily Variety, Sept. 15).

Moseley’s hiring represents a change in the philosophy behind the way the Alphabet web organizes its marketing and promotional activities.

Moseley, who will report directly to ABC Network prexy Pat Fili-Krushel, will oversee the broadcaster’s four marketing groups — entertainment, news, sports and daytime.

ABC paved the way for the restructuring by relocating Alan Cohen, exec VP of marketing for ABC Entertainment, from Gotham to Los Angeles.

Moseley, who starts at ABC on Oct. 18, will be based in New York until September 2000, when most of ABC’s corporate brass will move to Los Angeles. Moseley has worked out of Discovery’s Bethesda, Md., headquarters.

Fili-Krushel has set up a configuration in which each of the four divisions’ marketing heads will report both to Moseley and to their division president.

“They were in a decentralized marketing structure,” Moseley told Daily Variety. “There will now be an integrated marketing group across ABC.”

In addition to having responsibility for all of the ABC network’s marketing and branding, Moseley will also be the liaison with the other Walt Disney Co. segments for co-branding opportunities, she said.

The latest hire

Moseley, who has been with Discovery for 10 years, represents the latest in a string of high-level cable execs who’ve been lured to the broadcast webs.

This group includes NBC Entertainment chief Scott Sassa, a former Turner Broadcasting exec, and Fox Entertainment prexy Doug Herzog, who was previously the president of cabler Comedy Central.

“Cable has a reputation of doing more with less,” Moseley said. “All of the broadcast networks are trying to maintain quality while stretching the dollars. That’s something I’m known for.”

Moseley, most recently senior VP of advertising and promotion for Discovery Networks U.S., declined to comment on the Alphabet’s previous marketing efforts. She said that she needed to get up to speed on all of ABC’s marketing efforts and analyze the net’s research on its campaigns.

At Discovery, Moseley directed consumer marketing for the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, and eight new digital networks.