With ‘Eyes’ wound, Kidman gets ‘Practical’

GOOD MORNING: The good news is that Nicole Kidman is due to wind “Eyes Wide Shut” and expected to arrive in L.A., Thursday. Husband Tom Cruise’s completion date is not set at this writing, but he may also be able to return with Nicole. Stanley Kubrick’s WB pic as you recall, started principal photography Nov. 4, 1996. Kidmans next pic, “Practical Magic,” also for WB, has been pushed back to a Feb. 2 start. Vanessa Redgrave who was to have co-starred, is out because of the illness of her mother, Lady Rachel Redgrave. Stockard Channing replaces Vanessa. Sandra Bullock stars as Kidman’s sister and both play witches. Dianne Wiest co-stars as does Scream 2’s Timothy Olyphant. With Kidman’s imminent arrival, the “Magic” company is skedded for a first read-through with director Griffin Dunne at his home on Sunday. They will then shoot on a giant Victorian house set designed by Robin Standifer before the company moves to its exteriors on San Juan Island in Washington. The film will boast special effects and makeup as the beautiful Bullock and Kidman whirl their witchcraft. … And an update on Warren Beatty’s “Bulworth” — while the release date is not yet set, he is now in Rome scoring the movie with Ennio Morricone. Meanwhile, Warren’s wife, Annette Bening, is also getting ready to work for 20th, starting next week in “Marshal Law” with Denzel Washington.

WE’VE SHAKEN HANDS on the deal,” says Roger Corman of Elliott Kastner’s buyout of his Concord-New Horizon company with details being ironed out whereby Corman retains his Concord production company and Kastner takes over the studio and distribution and production company of New Horizon. Corman adds he will retain his studio in Galway — where hes now completing “Knock on Deaths Door” and in preparation of Henry James’ “Ghostly Rental.” Corman said Kastner is buying him out on a straight cash basis and the closing is expected in a month. “I am pleased with the whole thing. He’s owned his companies for 27 years.” … Among celebs breakfasting with Tipper Gore and visiting Congressmen today on the 25th anni of Roe vs. Wade are: Kathleen Turner, Ron Silver, Amanda Plummer, Joanna Kerns, Maureen McGovern. Bonnie Franklin, Annabeth Gish, Chad Allen, Martha Plimpton and Wendy Davis. Cause Celebre is coordinating. … Meanwhile, pro-choice supporter (and Republican) Dina Merrill’s back from the Republican National Committee meets in Palm Springs where she was among those helping to dissuade the RNC from censuring Republican Congressmen who are pro-choice. Without (RNC) support, Merrill said, they (those GOP Congreessmen) could not have $urvived. Merrrill’s also appearing in Garry Marshall’s “The Other Sister” for Disney, where her (and Ted Hartley’s) Republic Pictures has made “Mighty Joe Young”. She saw a first assembly of “Joe” last week and they are understandably exuberant anticipating the summer. … While Hugh Hefner and his Playmate for a Lifetime wife Kimberly express the hope of a possible reconciliation, Hef and two (other) gorgeous Playmates were at Drai’s Monday night.

TEXAS CATTLEMEN MAY NOT offer Southern hospitality to Oprah Winfrey — shes in Amarillo to respond to their suit re her hamburger hiatus — but Janine Turner rolled out the welcome mat for Winfrey. Turner lives on her Denton, Texas, ranch with nine longhorn cows, three horses, four dogs, one cat — and her 8-week old daughter, Juliette. Turner told me she invited Oprah’s crew to lense her ranch and it will air on Winfrey’s show Jan. 26. “And I’d also like to cook some Mexican food for her,” added Turner. She stars in ABC’s “Circle of Deceit” Jan. 29, which is also Oprah’s birthday. Oprah’s Harpo Films’ “The Wedding” airs on ABC, Feb. 22-23. … Bill Cosby and George Clooney will entertain when Les Moonves receives the American Jewish Committee’s Sherrill C. Corwin Human Relations Award Jan. 29 at the BevWilshire. Moonves is the grandnephew of David Ben-Gurion, first prime minister of Israel. … Paul Anka and Wink Martindale co-chair the Child Quest Intl. gala Jan. 24 at the Universal Hilton when they preem “Milk Cartons: The Way Back Home” to help prevent abductions of kids by strangers. … Basin Street West, owned by Larry Gelbart, Jack Jones, Peter Marshall, Hal Linden, Monty Hall, Buddy Rogers and Lennie Green (original owner of N.Y.s legendary Basin Street East,) is now open in Rancho Mirage with a weeklong stand by Patti Page who is also celebrating her 50th anni in the biz. She will be honored Friday by the Pacific Pioneer B’casters at the Sportsmen’s Lodge where Jay Livingston presents a musical tribute to her. … Livingston is also recording his and Ray Evans’ tunes for/with Michael Feinstein for the latter’s fifth CD in a composer series. … Julie Sheppard who played a holdover show in L.A. last year, returns with her “Judy Garland — A Night in the Life” at Luna Park starting Feb. 13 playing alternating Friday nights — indefinitely.