Spielberg to give ‘unflinching’ look at Lindbergh

GOOD MORNING: Steven Spielberg supplies the answer to my question (here, Oct. 21), “Will Charles A. Lindbergh be portrayed as an anti-Semite? ” in Spielberg’s biopic of A. Scott Berg’s book, “Lindbergh.” Spielberg’s answer, “No question.” He elaborated, “Once you commit to do a biography on an icon of a century, you have to be unflinching, you have to flesh out the entire story — and from Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s point of view — and not from Lindbergh, the man. It will be objective without bias of any kind. I’m not trying to put him on a pedestal or to tear him down. It’s an honest story about his life.” Author Berg had told me he thought “Lindbergh”, the movie, would be part of Spielberg’s trilogy, joining “Schindler’s List,” and “Saving Private Ryan,” but Spielberg disagrees. “I don’t think of it in terms of a trilogy. I didn’t think of ‘Ryan’ in terms of ‘Schindler’ or ‘Lindbergh’ as part of them. I’m not sure if it’s a trilogy — but it’s a chapter in American history, of which I will be proud to show to my children. It, too is a story of the 20th century.” Paul Attanasio is scripting … Next for Spielberg is “Memoirs of a Geisha” and Steven has scheduled to film it — and all his other future films — when his children can be with him. Thus the Kyoto location will be shot entirely during their school vacation, the rest of the film, in L.A. so he can be home, nights and weekends. It is imperative with him. “Ryan’s” Ireland locations were also filmed during their school vacation. As for “Geisha,” Spielberg promises its casting “will be a 100% Asian.”

THE NEWSREEL FOOTAGE of the destruction in Nicaragua and Central America from Hurricane Mitch makes movie special effects seem like kindergarten. Two hundred thousand children are orphaned and/or homeless! Barbara Carrera, as a representative here of the Nicaraguan people, says the Consulate is accepting bulk item donations at a warehouse located at 5120 W. Santa Monica Blvd., L.A. 90029, phone (323) 669-1028 and monetary contributions to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief, (800) HELP NOW … Drew Carey gets a girlfriend — Shirley Jones who was paged from her Nashville singing gig to start Thursday on the first of (at least) three segs. They even duet together — on “Baby It’s Cold Outside” — after meeting for the first time in night school! On Nov. 20, Shirley is honored by the Pacific Pioneer B’casters at the Sportsmen’s Lodge … Newlyweds Frank and Cynthia (McMurrey) Sinatra Jr. were given a reception by his sister Nancy Jr. at her home, last Saturday. His son, Michael, was on hand as well as Cynthia’s three daughters, Nancy Sr. and other relatives (his sister Tina was out of town). The newlyweds head to the Hague where she is assigned to defend a Bosnian accused of war atrocities. Tina is off to Hofstra to participate in the Frank Sinatra Conference Thursday through Sunday with Quincy Jones, who’s going as a principal participant, “and to give me moral support,” Tina added. At Thursday’s session, Peter Levinson reads the fourth chapter from his forthcoming Harry James bio, “Trumpet Blues” — the content, of course, Sinatra’s seven months as James’ band singer … Richard Roundtree has a son after fathering four girls. Richard and wife Karen welcomed John James, Nov. 3. Proud papa next stars in Aaron Spelling’s “Rescue 77” for WB … Dennis Hall, “Melrose Place” camera operator, and Julie Kaneko, a production coordinator for Louis J. Horvitz Prods., will wed Nov. 21 in Santa Barbara.

BARBRA STREISAND SAYS Time got it wrong on how she fared backing candidates. They said she batted .500, winning two of four. Barbra says she contributed money to 35 candidates, and of these, 27 won and one awaits a recount … Add showbiz and politix: Rob Reiner is finally celebrating the ultra-close win of Proposition 10 for a 50¢ per pack tax on cigarettes for schools, an initiative he championed … Dustin Hoffman, the AFI’s choice for its Lifetime Achievement Award, affords the TV show (tapes Feb. 18) a hefty roster of his co-stars to appear. And while the award is for a body of work, AFI board chairman Tom Pollock reminds me, “Hoffman (61) still has a sizable career ahead of him, too” … European Royalty is going all out for “The Mask of Zorro”: Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia and Princess Elena (same name as Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character in the pic), turned out for the first Royal preem in Madrid in seven years — Antonio Banderas and wife Melanie Griffith were mobbed. And Dec. 10, a Royal Command Performance in London will be toplined by Prince Charles and his sons. “Zorro” producer David Foster is now at WB readying a thriller, “Collateral Damage.” The original script was written by Nicholas Meyer and Ron Roose. The rewrite is by Peter and David Griffiths whose “Do Not Go Gentle” was bought by WB for Sean Connery to star … In 1953, Steve Allen wrote “Cool Yule,” which Louis Armstrong recorded for Decca. Earlier this year, when Allen heard about Disney’s pic “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, he contacted Michael Fey, director of creative affairs/music for Disney and told him he thought his tune would be appropriate for the pic. At Wednesday’s screening of “Christmas” at the Avco, Allen was in the audience to hear /see his tune, performed by the Cherry Poppin Daddies. P.S. It’ll also be on the soundtrack CD. Merry Christmas, Steverino.