Sinatras, et al, fall victim to muggers

GOOD MORNING: Barbara Sinatra, her son Robert Marx, George Schlatter and wife Jolene were mugged by four assailants Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on Foothill Road in BevHills. They had all dined at the Schlatters’ nearby house and were walking back to the nearby Sinatra house when accosted, first by two young (20-ish) men who demanded, “Give us your watches and your money or we’ll spray you.” The victims complied, and one of the robbers launched into a karate pose kicking at George Schlatter, who grabbed his leg and flipped him over. A fight ensued, with two other assailants jumping out of a car. Marx was struck in the head, the women’s purses were pulled from their arms, and then the robbers took off. Marx was treated at Cedars-Sinai for injuries to his jaw and head. But George Schlatter told me, “I think we got off very, very lucky.”

CLARK GABLE’S DAUGHTER, Judy Lewis, who first saw “GWTW” when she was 10 — didn’t know Gable was her father at that time. When she saw the movie beautifully restored in color and sound, at the Academy Wednesday night in advance of New Line’s release today, Lewis told me, “I cried through all the scenes with Bonnie Blue.” Coincidentally, Lewis is best friends with Cammie King, daughter of Technicolor’s Natalie Kalmus, who played baby Blue in the movie. Lewis didn’t learn Gable was her father, Loretta Young her mother “Until I was in my 30s and he had died.” She now reflects on the “secret,” “I’m sure he felt he was doing the best he knew how.” Now, Lewis says she and Young, are “happily seeing each other” … Evelyn Keyes, who plays Suellen O’Hara, told me, after seeing the movie, “It was a new experience. And since I’ve become a writer, I was listening to the script for the first time. You cared about the people — that’s why it is so great. David O. Selznick made that movie!” She is thinking of re-releasing her two autobiogs, “Scarlett O’Hara’s Younger Sister” and “I’ll Think About That Tomorrow” as a two-book package … Marcella Rabwin, Selznick’s executive assistant, who worked with him during the three years it took to make the film (nine months in front of the cameras), reminded they started to shoot the giant fire scene — with no Scarlett yet chosen, when agent Myron Selznick arrived on the set with — Vivien Leigh. “And David and I nearly dropped down on the set when we saw her!” Rabwin recalled when F. Scott Fitzgerald came out red-faced from Selznick’s office and exclaimed, “That SOB wants me to use Margaret Mitchell’s dialogue!” Rabwin has completed her book, “Yes, Mr. Selznick” … At the Acad preem, Mitch Goldman, prez/COO New Line marketing and distribution intro’d Roger Mayer , president of the National Film Preservation Foundation, one of the beneficiaries of the screening, along with the Center for Motion Picture Study of the Academy and the Film Foundation. He intro’d the “GWTW” players on hand: Ann Rutherford (Careen O’Hara) , Keyes, Fred Crane (Stuart Tarleton), Patrick Curtis, Greg Giese and Mickey Kuhn all of whom played Baby Beau. Patrons for the night were: TNT Originals, Walt Disney Co., and CAA, sponsors EDS digital Studios, New Wave Entertainment., Pinkerton and Vidfilm Service Inc. Others on hand included Ann Miller, Robert Stack and wife Rosemarie, Roddy McDowall who first saw “GWTW” when he was a child in England, John Schneider who brought his mother — who had brought him to see it when he was a youngster, also David Carradine, plus the Acad’s prez Bob Rehme and Bruce Davis and former Acad prez Arthur Hiller. All of them agreed, Whatta movie!

WHATTA WAY TO PRESS JUNKET A PIC: The wharf set of “Lethal Weapon 4” on Stage 21 at WB was the setting Thursday for the pic’s makers to strut their stuff for visiting fourth estaters. Mel Gibson told me he hadn’t yet seen the film, but thought (the making of ) it was the best. When asked about “Lethal Weapon 5,” he just laughed. As did Danny Glover. But Rene Russo admitted, “I’m going to miss those guys” — she, obviously would return. She’ll next do “The Thomas Crown Affair” with Pierce Brosnan. Chris Rock said he’d tackle Shakespeare next — with Joel Silver. (Hah!) Silver says, “4” “is the best we ever did.” And says it’s well below the price of other summer biggies — “under $100 million.” Silver’s next, “Matrix,” is “a new way of looking at action drama.” Dick Donner was never more enthused about a film — and that’s saying a lot as Donner’s always positive. However — don’t mention “5” to him — yet! … Joe Pesci segues from “4” to cut a comedy album — and more commercials, his next, for Pepsi has a little girl using Pesci’s voice! … A.C. Lyles was toasted Thursday by Par’s Jonathan Dolgen, Sherry Lansing and Earl Lestz cq on A.C.’s 70th cq anni with the studio. The many longtime friends on hand also ogled a picture gallery of Lyles with: John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Claudette Colbert, Frank Sinatra, Clint Eastwood, etc. … As of now, Bruce Willis will not attend the big “Armageddon” preems in Florida and Hollywood. Disney says, “We are very supportive of his taking care of his personal problems at this time.”