GOOD MORNING: “Gone fishin’.” That’s the sign on a coupla doors these days. First, Bob Redford told me, “I’m completely overwhelmed. I took a year out of my life (for ‘The Horse Whisperer’) and I’m going to take a break.” And he’s outta here for at least a month. … And out on Chesapeake Bay is Bob Hope, who recuped following being flu-felled earlier this week when he had to miss the dedication of the Bob Hope Gallery of American Entertainment, a collection of memorabilia, scripts, etc. in the Library of Congress. Monday night, he received his knighthood from the British ambassador, but Hope was unable to attend the next day’s ceremonies where Larry Gelbart — who wrote for Bob on radio and TV, made these remarks. Since Bob wasn’t there to hear ’em, he can now read some of ’em here: “Paying tribute to Bob Hope in just a few, short minutes is like trying to give Mount Rushmore a close shave — His is a career with legs that a centipede might envy — Disney had to draw animation, Bob embodied it — Always giving his all — With his staccato-like, machine-gun delivery, he was Jimmy Cagney without a snarl.” Gelbart said, “It’s an honor for me to speak on behalf of the army of writers Bob employed. Faceless we might have been, but always publicly appreciated by Bob — and always privately delighted by him. Those who know him well know that Bob never needed a script in his hands to be humorous. Offstage, off-the-cuff remarks were often far funnier than what we were so handsomely paid to turn out for him.” That’s some praise indeed — from a writer for a comedian! Larry told me “Bob always joked that he never got an Oscar for his acting, but Bob Hope got an Oscar — for being Bob Hope.” Bob did not accompany Dolores to N.Y. where she will appear with Rosemary Clooney at Rainbow and Stars, Saturday night. He instead headed straight for a boat on the Bay. Dolores was to have sung tonight with Clooney but the latter’s voice problems KO’d the show. Dolores sings Saturday, Rosie’s 70th birthday, when Tony Bennett has agreed to warble with the ladies.

“IT HAD TO BE YOU,” trio’d Vic Damone, Jack Jones and Jerry Vale along with Milton Berle and Nicky Blair at Chasen’s, where they dined following Frank Sinatra’s funeral Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, who had canceled and re-arranged their sked, winged out Thursday for their Resorts date in Atlantic City, then on to the Toledo Symph date before next weekend’s (May 28) gala of the Frank Sinatra Golf Tourney in Las Vegas — at the Desert Inn, Mirage and MGM Grand hotels. Lawrence, a pallbearer, had descriubed Sinatra as “the soundtrack of our life and the soundtrack of the 20th Century.” … Norm Crosby was oft quoted by Sinatra with his line: “You gotta live each day like it’s your last — and one day you’ll be right!” Larry Manetti, Sinatra’s longtime pal who read a prayer during the services, adds to his repertoire next month as he launches a syndie’d talkshow via Fox. It’ll be 12 minutes of talk, 12 minutes of cooking. Manetti owns the Duet eatery in Westwood and often brought over his dishes to the. … Longtime producer and film exec Martin Jurow, is completing his book ‘”Seeing Stars” covering his 60 years in the biz and says he’ll include how he negotiated the deal to put Frank in the role of Maggio in “From Here to Eternity.” Jurow claims, “No other individual was involved with the negotiations with Harry Cohn.” Sinatra was with William Morris at that time. Jurow says he was also representing director Fred Zinnemann. How much did Sinatra get for “Eternity’? “He got 10 grand,” says Jurow.

JONATHAN TAYLOR, editor of Daily Variety and Variety, and Paula Redhead, graphic design consultant, will wed July 12. … Geffen Theater board chairman is Chuck Young, who just retired as chancellor of UCLA. He takes over for departing Bruce Ramer. Gil Cates is president and executive producer of the Geffen. … Over $225,000 was raised at the Hope in Sight BevWilshire gala benefiting the Center for the Partially Sighted and honoring KABC’s Michael Jackson. He will launch a KCET-TV series on “the serious side of the entertainment industry” in December. Paul Anka rushed from the Sinatra services to entertain the evening produced by Gary Smith. … Connie Stevens’ “A Healing” docu honoring women in the Vietnam war, screens throughout this weekend on TNT. … Gwen Davis was toasted at Spago BevHills on publication of her book “West of Paradise.” Jamie Lee Curtis and St. Martin’s Press hosted Gwen whose Hollywood-set book has the guessing game started. Sure, I know who some of them are. Celebs on hand who are not necessarily in the book: Jamie Lee’s father Tony Curtis, Paula Prentiss and Dick Benjamin, Barry Bostwick, Red Buttons, Bob Stack, Harvey Korman, Hal Needham, Betty Garrett. … “Horse Whisperer” author Nicholas Evans’ new novel “The Loop” (Delacorte) goes on sale Sept. 18 — this one’s about the savage return of wolves to a small town in Montana and the biologist sent alone into the hostile countryside to protect them. Sounds like another film role for Robert Redford?