Court looks to H’w’d on gun issue

GOOD MORNING: Hey, Charlton Heston — even members of the Supreme Court look to Hollywood to define what is “carrying a gun.” A case that involved firearms and drug-trafficking was argued March 23 and was decided June 8; in her dissenting opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Popular films and television productions provide corroborative illustrations.” First she quotes “Hawkeye Pierce” in a 1974 seg of TV’s “MASH” (as played by Alan Alda and written by Larry Gelbart) who says, “I will not carry a gun. I’ll carry your books, I’ll carry a torch, I’ll carry a tune, I’ll carry on, carry over, carry forward, Cary Grant, cash and carry, carry me back to Old Virginia, I’ll even hari-kari, if you show me how. But I will not carry a gun.” Justice Ginsburg further quotes Hollywood via the 1960 “The Magnificent Seven” by scripter William Roberts. The character O’Reilly, played by Charles Bronson, says: “You think I am brave because I carry a gun. Well your fathers are much braver, because they carry responsibilities for you, your brothers, your sisters and your mothers.” Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Scalia and Souter joined Justice Ginsburg in her opinion in the case (Frank J. Muscarello petitioner v. the U.S. and Donald E. Cleveland and Enrique Gray-Santana, petitioners v. the U.S.)

THE LONG RUMORED Barbra Streisand-Jim Brolin wedding looks like it’s upcoming this summer. At the evening honoring President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary C. at Edie & Lew Wasserman’s home Saturday, Barbra was discussing a possible menu for her big event with Arli’s Exclusive Catering. Arli, alumnus of Chasen’s, regularly caters the Presidential (and other important) dinners at the Wassermans, aided by Chasen’s former general manager Ronnie Clint. Most of the guests at the Wassermans’ DNC fundraiser (over one million-$) dined on sliced medallions of N.Y. sirloin for their main course. But Barbra, on a special diet, had requested saltless grilled fish, while fiance Brolin took two helpings of the sirloin. Just thought you might be interested in their tastes … Among the heavy spenders ($10,000 a couple) to toast the Clintons were Jenny McCarthy and Ray Manzella (who also have not yet set the exact date). McCarthy asked the First Lady, “I’ll bet you’ll be glad when this (the Presidency) is all over?” McCarthy says the First Lady responded, “Just the opposite, I enjoy it all — all the friends we have like those in Southern California (tonight).” When Jenny asked the President, “How’s your dog, Buddy?” Clinton said “He’s like a little kid: he hurt his foot and he sleeps in our bed, like a kid with mommy and daddy!” McCarthy, who will soon be seen in “BASEketball,” is again talking a series, this time with Disney. Her first series, although short-lived with Par and NBC, was delightful, proved her comedic ability — and, we needed no further assurance of her looks … Talking dining: Sunday at Matteo’s I noted a portrait of Frank Sinatra, dramatically lighted at the end of the barroom. Jackie (Mrs. Matty Jordan) said she had moved the painting from the Jordan home to the restaurant, which had been frequented over the years by Sinatra, a fellow Hobokener. The artist, Lawrence Williams had also painted Jackie. She has instituted Friday night musicales in the bar, with Dwayne Stevens singing tunes Sinatra (and we) loved … Also dining Sunday at Matteo’s were Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse with London’s Barry Mishon, who had just (June 7) produced a tribute to the MGM musicals at the London Palladium with the Martins, Van Johnson, Marge Champion, Russ Tamblyn, Arlene Dahl, etc. Mishon said he’s now lining up talent for a tribute to Sinatra at the Drury Lane in October … Also at Matteo’s with the Sunday night regulars was Maureen O’Hara, hosting Chris Leitch, who just directed her in CBS’ Thanksgiving MOW “Cab To Canada”; also Jason Beghe who costars, well as Maureen Fitzsimons, O’Hara’s niece, and Donna and Ronald Neame.

THE GRAMMYS ARE COMING back to L.A. at the Shrine in late Feb. (exact date to be set) … Who’s not on the Emmy ballots: Candice Bergen, even though it’s her last season on “Murphy Brown” (with the effective cancer segs). Also, as usual, Bill Cosby has not permitted himself to accept any award — except the (repeated) People’s Choice Awards. And daytime winners who are missing from the primetime ballot, Oprah Winfrey (“Before Women Had Wings”) and Rosie O’Donnell (host of the Tonys). Thesp Nicholas Shaffer also notes that Phil Hartman is eligible twice, as supporting thesp in “NewsRadio” and guesting in “3rd Rock From the Sun” … Dexter King, son of ASCAP member Dr. Martin Luther King, receives a special presentation from ASCAP prez-chairman Marilyn Bergman celebrating the addition of the immortal “I Have A Dream” speech to the ASCAP repertory of words and music,” tonight at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Celebration at The Supper Club, 240 W. 475h St., in N.Y. Rap, Dance, R&B and Reggae Music Charts also to be honored.