BBC Worldwide and its subsidiary, BBC Worldwide Americas, have entered into a long-term partnership with West 175 Enterprises, a producer/distributor of cooking shows and lifestyle programming.

The partnership will focus on the U.S. marketplace. The first project to come out of the deal is a cooking show called “Great Food,” which features top chefs cooking in exotic travel locations. The show combines 130 hours of recent popular BBC primetime cooking series with new in-studio wrap-around footage with the show’s host Molly O’Neill, the New York Times Magazine food critic and author.

West 175 will develop, produce and distribute the series for U.S. public television, due to premiere in May. For the first season, 39 episodes will be produced by West 175 in conjunction with KCTS/Seattle.

The long-term agreement also includes licensing/merchandising and publishing rights for West 175. These activities will include the publication of a “Great Food” companion book and its sale in May through West 175’s direct marketing strategy as well as the retail book trade.