WDG wraps toon special

Show to premiere Aug. 22 on Nick channels worldwide

Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Development Group (WDG) has completed its first animated project, which will premiere simultaneously on Nick channels worldwide.

The half-hour special, called “Toons From Another Planet,” showcases eight animated shorts that have been commissioned locally from independent creators/producers from around the world.

The toon special, airing in each country’s local language, will debut in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Latin America on Aug. 22. The animated shorts, which range from one to four minutes each, employ a variety of mixed media styles, including claymation, cel animation, live video and computer animation. The shorts come from Australia, Germany, Latin America, the U.K. and the U.S.

Global pipeline

“‘Toons From Planet Orange’ provides local animators a global pipeline for their work to be seen around the world, and a chance to develop their characters into future Nickelodeon toon stars,” said Albie Hecht, prexy of film and television entertainment, Nickelodeon, in a statement.

After the premiere of the special, the animated shorts may run individually on Nick’s channels or be expanded into full animated series. In addition, the spec will be made available to other international media outlets.