Springer gets horse-whipped

Bestiality show gets the bum's rush

WASHINGTON — Faced with mounting criticism, “The Jerry Springer Show” has decided to abandon plans to air a show focused on bestiality titled “I Married a Horse!”

Sources say the decision to yank the show, scheduled to air today, was the product of discussions between the show’s syndicator Studios USA and the producers of the show.

By yanking the bestiality show, Springer will be dodging another wave of the criticism that has followed his show since it experienced a surge in ratings with a format built around regular and frequent fights among the show’s guests. For the most part, the topics of the show focus on infidelity.

A spokeswoman for “The Jerry Springer Show” said infidelity was not an issue in the “I Married a Horse” episode.

But the spokeswoman refused to comment on the decision to kill the bestiality show. Stations will not be left in the lurch today, because Studios USA, anticipating the controversy, had already sent an alternative show.