Sid Grossfeld, a longtime CBS-TV staff member, died March 8 of cancer at Encino-Tarzana Hospital. He was 71.

Grossfeld began his TV career in 1954, working as a writer, producer and director for ABC. He continued there until 1966, working on live news, talk shows and variety shows. He was also the voice of ABC’s “Wide World of Sports.”

In 1970 he moved to California to work as a drama teacher at California State University at Northridge (CSUN).

In 1975, Grossfeld began his affiliation with CBS, working as a first assistant on shows such as “CBS News,” “Sonny & Cher,” “The Price is Right” and “Captain Kangaroo.”

Grossfeld produced and hosted the TV program “Missing Children” in conjunction with the Adam Walsh Center for Missing Children and the National Center for Missing and Abused Children in Washington D.C.

Grossfeld is survived by his wife, Janet, and three children.