‘Pappyland’ rights to Hallmark

Announces seven-figure deal with Craftsman & Scribes

NEW YORK — Hallmark Entertainment obtained the homevideo and international TV rights Wednesday to “Pappyland” and “Skinnamarink TV” in a seven-figure deal with Craftsman & Scribes Creative Workshop.

The agreement, announced at Licensing ’98 in New York, follows by a day a deal that New York-based C&S inked with Shelcore Toys for a “Pappyland”-based, art-related toy line.

“Pappyland,” with 50 episodes in the can, is the children’s drawing and coloring show hosted by Pappy Drewitt (Michael Cariglio) and featuring a group of puppets. It airs on the Learning Channel and more than 100 public TV stations.

“Skinnamarink TV,” also on the Learning Channel and select public stations, is a musical comedy series set at a TV station. Production is under way to double the 26 half-hour shows already available.

Hallmark’s agreement also gives it a two-year “first look” at all Craftsman & Scribes’ new projects, as well as the right of first refusal for licensing and merchandising for “Pappyland” and “Skinnamarink TV” in markets outside the United States and Canada.

Hallmark Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, describes itself as the world’s leading producer and distributor of award-winning miniseries and TV movies, as well as a leader in homevideo through its Hallmark Home Entertainment line.