NBC tops Quality TV Honors

ABC's 'The Practice' garners 8 noms

ABC’s “The Practice,” NBC’s “Frasier” and CBS’ “Everybody Loves Raymond” head the list of series receiving nominations for Viewers for Quality Television’s 14th Annual Quality Awards.

The “Q” will be presented during VQT’s annual Conference on Quality Television Oct. 3 at the Burbank Airport Hilton and Convention Center.

Leading VQT’s nominations are “The Practice” (ABC) — 8; “Frasier” (NBC) and “Everybody Loves Raymond” (CBS) — 6; “ER” (NBC) and “Ally McBeal” (Fox) — 5; “NYPD Blue” (ABC) and “Dharma & Greg” (ABC) — 4. “Law and Order” and “Homicide” (NBC) follow with 3 each; “Seinfeld” (NBC), “Nothing Sacred” (ABC), “The X-Files” (Fox) and “Mad About You” (NBC) received 2 nominations each. Earning one nomination each were ABC’s “Ellen,” NBC’s “3rd Rock From the Sun,” CBS’s “Chicago Hope” and “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”

In terms of network totals, NBC led with 22 nominations; ABC followed with 19; CBS, 8; and Fox, 7.

Members of VQT, a 14-year-old non-profit organization that educates viewers on how to advocate for quality on network television, consider an entire season of work. The winners will be announced in early August.