Blue-collar auteur Michael Moore has inked a three-series production pact with the U.K.’s Channel 4.

Under the terms of the unusual deal, U.S. distribution of the series will be a secondary consideration for the partners — Moore will develop the projects primarily for the U.K. and Euro TV markets.

C4 has committed to funding a minimum of 12 episodes of a docu-style series in the vein of Moore’s “TV Nation,” the sarcastic newsmag that aired on NBC and Fox in 1994 and ’95. In the U.K., the initial batch of “TV Nation” segs aired on the BBC, which was a co-production partner with Columbia TriStar TV on the series.

Moore’s deal with C4 comes amid a flurry of activity for the iconoclastic filmmaker known for skewering corporate America and other sacred cows from a working-guy’s perspective.

His latest docu-feature, Miramax’s “The Big One,” just opened on the domestic arthouse circuit. And under his deal with Col TriStar TV, Moore’s also working on a sitcom pilot, “Better Days,” for CBS. Moore is repped by CAA.