On the eve of its 70th anniversary, the Hollywood Christmas Parade is changing channels.

After airing locally for the past 20 years on KTLA, the parade telecast will move this year to KCOP and the UPN web this year. The campy caravan of stars made its first trek through the streets of Hollywood in 1928.

Sources said KCOP simply outbid KTLA for the TV rights, adding that hanging onto the parade was a low priority for KTLA. KCOP, by contrast, has been building up its annual roster of live local events.

Following the live broadcast Nov. 29 on KCOP, the two-hour program will be offered free to all UPN affiliates for broadcast on Dec. 5. KCOP parent Chris Craft/United Television is co-owner of the UPN weblet with Viacom/Paramount.

To accentuate the Paramount-UPN connection, the parade’s route will be changed to begin in front of the famed Paramount gates on Melrose Avenue, heading west from there to Vine Street, and then north to Sunset Boulevard.