The latest syndie ratings report is a tale of two Jerrys: Seinfeld and Springer.

The Monday-Friday syndie reruns of “Seinfeld” edged ahead of “Home Improvement” in the national Nielsen household rankings for the first time since both sitcoms bowed as off-net strips in September 1995. For the week ending April 19, “Seinfeld” averaged a 7.0, compared to a 6.8 for “Home Improvement.”

Meanwhile, the gap between the “Jerry Springer Show” and the rest of the yak pack continued to grow in the week before former guests surfaced on TV newsmags claiming that the show’s trademark fights are more scripted than spontaneous.

Studios USA’s “Springer” climbed 5% from the previous week to an 8.1 household rating — two ratings points (or just under 2 million homes) higher than its closest competitor, King World’s “Oprah Winfrey.” “Oprah,” which aired one repeat seg that week, was down 10% from the previous week to a season-low 6.1.

Also earning an honorable mention in this report was Tribune Entertainment’s two-hour special, “Titanic: Secrets Revealed,” which surfed the tsunami whipped up by the Oscar-winning blockbuster to a 6.0 household rating. The “Titanic” spec, airing mostly in primetime over a three-week period, placed in syndie’s top 10 in the key demographic measures of adults 18-49 and adults 18-34.

As for the rest of the talkshow field, Warner Bros.’ “Rosie O’Donnell” came in third behind “Springer” and “Oprah Winfrey” with a 4.4 household rating, unchanged from the previous week. Paramount’s “Montel Williams” was up 5% from week-to-week to a 4.2. WB’s “Jenny Jones” inched up 3% to a 3.8, while Studios USA’s “Sally Jessy Raphael” was off 5% to a 3.7.

Buena Vista TV’s “Live with Regis & Kathie Lee” was flat from the previous week at a 3.6. Columbia TriStar’s “Ricki Lake” rose 9% to a 3.6. Par’s “Maury Povich” was flat at a 2.8. In latenight, Col TriStar’s “Vibe” slipped 7% to a 1.4.

Among freshman firstrun strips, WB’s “The People’s Court” stayed aloft at a 2.7, up 4% from the previous week, while Eyemark Entertainment’s “Martha Stewart Living” was down 4% to a 2.3. Worldvision’s “Pictionary” was unchanged from week-to-week at a 1.2.

On the access magazine front, Paramount’s “Entertainment Tonight” fell 5% from the previous week to a season-low 5.2. King World’s “Inside Edition” and WB’s “Extra” were tied at a 4.1, with “Inside Edition” losing 2% and “Extra” gaining 2% from week-to-week. Par’s “Hard Copy” posted the biggest week-to-week bump among the mags, rising 6% to a 3.3. NBC/Twentieth TV’s “Access Hollywood” hiked 4% to a 2.4.

Elsewhere in the reality field, Worldvision’s “Judge Judy” upticked 2% to a 5.0. Par’s “Real TV” rose 3% to a 3.5.

Syndie weeklies were mostly down for the week. Studios USA’s “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” fell to new lows for the season, as did Rysher Entertainment’s “Soldier of Fortune” and WB’s “Police Academy.”