ITV’s Granada invades Germany via RTL web

U.K. producer to intro 'Reckless,' 'Beer,' 'Baby'

LONDON — Granada, the biggest producer in the ITV network, is moving into Germany with a deal to develop three shows for leading private web RTL.

Granada is planning to set up its own German production company and is currently scouting for someone to run it. Its first three shows for RTL are all based on Granada’s original U.K. formats.

“Reckless” is a miniseries about a young doctor who falls in love with the glamorous older wife of his boss. “The Munich Beer Festival” will be a fly-on-the-wall docu about the fun and frolics of Germany’s biggest alcoholic event, following the template of such British shows as “Ibiza Uncovered” and “Airline.”

“Holding the Baby,” which Granada has already transformed into an American show for the Fox web, is a sitcom about the life of a single father.

In launching its own German production arm, Granada is following in the footsteps of such U.S. studios as Columbia Tristar, which have been producing local versions of their American sitcoms with mixed success for several years. But Granada is the first ITV company to make this move.

Andrea Wonfor, joint managing director of Granada Prods., said, “We believe the German market has a lot to offer in terms of the talent and vision of the people working within it.”

Marc Conrad, RTL’s program director, said, “These young and innovative programs that have already performed successfully in Great Britain match the philosophy of RTL to a remarkable degree.