‘Godzilla’ TV coin

Col seeks $35M for lizard rights

NEW YORK — Columbia TriStar TV Distribution is demanding a floor price of $35 million for the first broadcast window of “Godzilla.”

Beyond the floor price, CTTD has built in escalators that will add $1.5 million for each $10 million the picture grosses beyond $150 million.

Although a spokesman for CTTD said the company never comments on movie negotiations, sources said these deal guidelines went out to the Big Four broadcast networks and to TBS and USA late on Tuesday. CTTD could choose the winning bidder by as early as today, these sources say.

CTTD pocketed $50 million of NBC’s money for “Men in Black,” and NBC chalked up the bargain of the century when it bought “Titanic” from Paramount for $30 million. Fox had to pony up $80 million for Universal’s “Lost World: Jurassic Park,” but the network picked up the pay TV window as well as the broadcast window, which means it will get the rights to the movie a year and a half earlier than the winning bidders will get the other movies.

One network source says CTTD wants to get the “Godzilla” deal done before the week is out because of fears that word of mouth could cause a plunge in the grosses over the second weekend.

The movie ended up grossing $55.7 million during the Memorial Day weekend, which industry experts considered a disappointment. “Godzilla” was clearly aiming at the $90.2 million that “Lost World” racked up over Memorial Day weekend last year.

The winning bidder could get “Godzilla” as early as February 2001.