Fox in Dutch with SBS6

TV10 to update evening programming

AMSTERDAM — Fox Kids Worldwide has asked Dutch channel SBS6 to form a new programming partnership with Fox’s Dutch outlet TV10.

Fox wants SBS6 to help program TV10’s evening schedule. Currently TV10 broadcasts mainly older TV series and brings in a miserable audience share of just 2% in the evening while Fox’s kidfare during the day racks up average aud shares of 15%.

The Fox offer at the outset involves a simple program exchange but could develop into a joint channel operation. SBS6 has been asked to give TV10 programming for its evening hours in return for Fox helping SBS6 program its daytime schedule. SBS6 daytime is currently bereft of kidfare and a dose of Fox product could help boost its overall aud shares.

An SBS6 spokesperson told Daily Variety the channel was on the hunt for new investments and the idea of widening its brief to a second channel wasn’t out of the question. SBS6 is expected to break even this year, just two years after its launch.