Dresser Dahlstead, a veteran radio programmer and announcer, died of heart failure at Valley View Hospital in Las Vegas on April 20. He was 88.

Dahlstead was born in Springville, Utah, in 1910. He attended the U. of Utah, where he majored in engineering. He began his radio career at the NBC affiliate in San Francisco at the age of 19.

He then moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a staff announcer for NBC prior to serving in the armed forces during World War II. He was assigned to the Armed Forces Radio Service and attained the rank of sergeant during the war.

After the war, he returned NBC’s blue network, which had by then become ABC. He then became chief announcer for ABC.

During the ’40s and ’50s, Dahlstead announced many programs, including “I Love a Mystery,” “One Man’s Family,” “The Family Hour,” “Fitch Bandwagon” and “Death Valley Days,” one of radio’s earliest and longest-running adventure shows.

He advanced from announcer to production manager to program director; he served in the latter post at the time of his retire-ment from ABC in 1959.

Not long after retiring, Dahlstead joined Ralph Edwards Prods., where he was an associate producer on the TV show “Truth or Consequences” until 1978. He produced the “Truth or Consequences” roadshows along with the annual show in Truth or Conse-quences, N.M.

Dahlstead also worked on the Edwards properties “The Cross Wits” and “This is Your Life.”

In 1989, he retired from the Edwards Co.

A founding member of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters, he was also a charter member of AFRA, later AFTRA.

Dahlstead is survived by a sister and two nieces.

The Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters are planning a memorial service to be announced at a later date.